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We are affiliated to Russellestone group, Grainvest Group and ALS Group
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Our superb customer service and passion for our industry

Sutha Ingogo Mills Yellow Maize


Ingogo Mills is the producer and pre-packer of a range of products, our flagship being the Sutha brand. We take special pride in our superior maize meal and regional brand leader “Sutha Super”, we are located half way between Newcastle and Volksrust. We strive to give world class service to customers and build good relationships with suppliers and believe in building recognized and trusted brands and becoming the market leader in our target areas.

Client Exclusivity

At Ingogo Mills we make use of various channels to get our product to the consumer. Because we strive to deliver excellent service to our customers we offer product exclusivity in some areas. This puts us in a position to focus on growing sales with the customer and getting involved in specific marketing drives. To enquire about potentially available areas or to find a supplier near you please contact our offices or make use of the electronic request form.

We are about brand building, product quality and customer care, while leading the way for socially-conscious businesses

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